Digital representation of Uranium Ore Concentrate.

We bridge worlds by bringing physical assets to metaverses.
Meet the physical Uranium product family - the world's first digital uranium coin, backed by physical!
  • Diversify your metal investments by trading physical uranium on TM2.
  • "Mutate" your crypto portfolio with the U3O8 physically backed uranium token traded on decentralized exchanges.
  • Light up your NFT collections with unique containers with physical uranium.
  • Use uranium items, equipment, or even wearables to enrich the metaverse experience for your project.

What is Uranium token U3O8?

Total global uranium supply is about 150 million pounds according to a Canaccord Genuity Report (September 2021) , which is about $6.7 Billion per annum based on current $45/lb price. Uranium supply is expected to increase to approximately 250 million pounds by 2035 with demand still outstripping supply.
U3O8 Token Backing


Spot physical Uranium Ore Concentrate according to Standard Specification for Uranium Ore Concentrate (ASTM C967-20) traded on Technology Metals Market and stored in custodies of Cameco Corp (NYCE: CCJ) in Blind River and Port Hope facilities in Canada.

Key factors for continued growth:

Nuclear power is seen as crucial to mitigating climate change.
Only limitations to unprecedented investor demand are recurring supply shortages.
Supply to demand imbalance is contributing to rapid decline in available inventories.
China continues to push for massive nuclear energy growth.
Advocacy for nuclear power is gaining steam in the US and Europe.
New entrants such as UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia are taking large steps to advance their nuclear power programs.


It’s time to mutate your portfolio, U3O8 is the first token that is physically backed by uranium. It’s the world’s first attempt at democratizing global access to the uranium market, being the only stablecoin of its nature it presents unique opportunities for any type of investor to diversify their portfolio.

Every U3O8 token is backed by 1/5lb of Triuranium Octoxide Ore Concentrate that falls under the Standard Specification for Uranium Ore Concentrate. It is stored under the custody of Cameco Corp in Blind River and Port Hope facilities in Canada.

This asset can also be acquired directly from Technology Metals Market where investors can diversify into other critical metals and minerals.

It is traded against USDT, and should there prove to be enough demand and liquidity it will grow into other markets like U3O8/BTC, U3O8/ETH, U3O8/USDC, U3O8/BUSD and more.

Buying the U3O8 token means that you acquire ownership of 1/5lb of Uranium. The advantage of this token is that its price oscillates in accordance to the uranium market, without any of the hassles associated with custody and other requirements. As previously stated this Uranium concentrate falls under the Standard Specification for Uranium Ore Concentrate, resulting in homogeneity across all tokens so each token is representative of the same type of uranium as any other token. It can be traded like any other crypto asset via Sushiswap on the Binance Smart Chain.

Investors can get direct ownership of uranium through buying and selling these tokens on Sushiswap.

As an alternative you can also invest in a uranium liquidity fund and essentially become liquidity providers (LP). This allows you to acquire U3O8LP tokens and explore other benefits. These U3O8LP tokens can be redeemed via the token issuer in exchange for regular U3O8 tokens or the physical uranium traded on the Technology Metals Market Platform (TM2).

This asset can also be acquired directly from Technology Metals Market where investors can diversify into other critical metals and minerals.

You are entitled to receive a portion of the trading fees equivalent to 0.1%*S of each transaction made on the U3O8 token it provides liquidity to, where S = G/GT. Settled automatically for each transaction on the host blockchain to the U3O8LP owners’ addresses.

Liquidity Pool commissions increase based on the size of the liquidity pool, they are settled on U3O8LP redemption together with the Investor’s share in the Liquidity Pool supply. U3O8LP is used to calculate the share of liquidity provided by each investor to the overall U3O8 ecosystem. It is calculated as S = G/GT.
S - token owners’ stake
G - the amount of U3O8LP tokens held by the owner
GT - total amount of U3O8LP tokens in circulation (outside of Issuer’s wallets).

Reseller margin – calculated as 50% of all the margins in the Uranium Ore Concentrate supply chain, deducted by the direct expenses of the supply chain participants. Paid monthly, not later than in 15 working days after the end of the month.

Redeem Liquidity token can be redeemed back to the Token Issuer in exchange for U3O8 Token or Physical Uranium traded on Technology Metals Market.

Investors can use the Token Issuer’s services to exchange redeemed assets into other digital assets or fiat which will generate conversion commissions, gas fees and service fee, calculated on a case-by-case basis.

The first NFT backed by 100% physical uranium that can be used to "Mutate" your crypto portfolio

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