NFT backed by 100% physical uranium

This is the first NFT backed by 100% physical uranium that can be integrated as a consumable resource in the metaverse, used to create new collaboration opportunities when launching your NFT products and to create a uranium backed NFT collection of our own.

Exchange the U3O8 tokens into U3O8 NFTs and discover rare nuclear resources, create new opportunities for collaboration and integrate in the metaverse.

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Bringing nuclear power to the Metaverse

Fully integratable with the metaverse, we help bring the real world vision of clean sustainable power to the crypto world.
Use these consumables to power your grid, your vehicles, spaceships, robots, power plants and more.
You name it, we make it Nuclear.

Collaborate on a Radioactive Collection

Enhance your company’s products with real physical uranium. We can integrate with your smart contract to allow your Nfs to be mutated and enriched with uranium. A radiating choice sure to bring added value to your collection or that can be added to your NFT roadmap.


The market for NFT Tokens is still quite new and uncertain. We are happy to announce the first Uranium based NFT token which will mitigate the risk of investing in NFTs.

You can purchase these NFTs directly or convert your U3O8 tokens into U3O8NFT tokens.
Also you can convert them back from U3O8NFT to U3O8.

If you have a U308NFT token you can mutate our partner's NFT. As a result you will get a Unique radioactive mutated NFT, but U3O8Nft token will be consumed.

We are working on partnerships in the metaverse that allow for the integration of this token to cleanly power this new dimension of realty. Announcements will be made when everything is in place.

Mutation produces a unique radioactive token. To produce it you need an original NFT token that supports the mutation and our U3O8NFT token. The resulting fusion of these tokens will mutate your original NFT and give you a unique investment backed by physical uranium with a new and radiating design.

As part of the burning of your U3O8NFT token to mutate your NFT a part of the uranium will continue to physically back your NFT while the remaining will be used in the process.

We are working behind the scenes on multiple partnerships and contracts that will be announced in the future. If you own one of the compatible NFTs you will be informed of the new possibility. We recommend that you sign up for our newsletter to know which NFTs will be compatible and when, so you can grab them ahead of time. You can do so by filling out the form below.

Every NFT Uranium Barrel is physically backed by Uranium Ore Concentrate according to Standard Specification for Uranium Ore Concentrate (U3O8). This means this is the first and only available NFT physically backed by a valuable asset that can be converted back into the original U3O8 Token. This keeps your opportunities open and flexible.